This exhibition serves to educate viewers of the relationship between art and mental health. Art is a powerful tool that allows individuals to cope with, process, and communicate pain and experiences through symbolic meaning-making. This pain and trauma is often life-altering and hard to express with words. Art in the form of symbolic meaning-making also affects the viewer.


Research has found that works of art that are particularly evocative cause the viewer to reflect on their own life experiences and feelings, creating an interaction between the two. This is the power in art.


The pieces displayed are inspired by and directly related to social media surveys sent to the artist’s community. Participants answered prompts ranging from their own experience with mental health, to word and color association. From these, the artist created works of art on the topics of depression (left), anxiety (middle), and panic attacks (right). The community’s responses are displayed above and below the paintings. These are the words and colors reflected in and associated with the expression of each piece.